University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Our facilities

Bursledon House is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and most children go home at the weekends. Children with a special need will be transferred to the paediatric unit for the weekend. We have 12 overnight beds and facilities for six day case patients. One of the inpatient beds can be used by a parent or carer where planned parenting work is agreed.

Patients who need to complete a sleep study, which involves a single night's stay, will be admitted with prior agreement with the respiratory team when a bed is available.

Our primary and secondary school is run within Bursledon House. We have planned closures for four weeks each August, for a period at Easter and at Christmas, in line with school terms. You can find out more on the Southampton Children's Hospital School website.

Bursledon House consists of a reception and lobby area, a safe outdoor area, two classrooms, a dining room and kitchen facilities, a lounge/play room, a therapy room and offices and toilets on the ground floor. Within the outdoor space at the rear of the building, there is a hut, which allows for privacy for adolescents to spend time away from the younger patients and staff (in compliance with the Quality Network of Inpatient Care standards)

On the first floor there is an observation room with audio-visual equipment and a two-way mirror to an interview room, a kitchen area, offices, a nurses station, a sluice, bathrooms and toilets and a combination of single and shared bedrooms. One bedroom can be used to accommodate young children together with a parent.

Our service provision

  • We provide a comprehensive care package using a holistic model of care, devised by a core multi-professional team who work closely together.
  • We provide integrated care to maximise the paediatric and psychiatric care givers' knowledge and abilities, and to facilitate alliances with families.
  • Our services are focused on the individual needs of each child and family, providing patient centred assessment, diagnosis, care and treatment.
  • Parents/carers and children will be involved in decision making and every effort will be made to make sure that we show respect for any individual, age appropriate needs and the views of the patient and family.
  • Private information will be kept confidential.
  • Care programmes are based on nationally recognised best practice, and we aim to maintain high standards of care.
  • We exercise an inclusive policy regarding communication between team members, our patients and their family.