University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Procedure for discharge

Discharge is planned and coordinated with the patient, family and all relevant agencies. As the date for discharge approaches, all patients will be assessed weekly, as opposed to monthly, to evaluate their progress. This will also be assessed at the weekly ward round and at multi-agency meetings where appropriate.

Planning for discharge will take into account the patient's psychological, medical, social and educational requirements. When a date has been decided, the patient and their family/carers will be notified.

There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the arrangements for ongoing management, which may include referral back to their local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, paediatrician or other professional, for example, a physiotherapist and/or liaison with the patient's school. Some patients will undergo a process of reintegration back to their own school over a period of weeks. They may attend Bursledon House as a day patient during this period.

The patient's parent/carer will be given a discharge letter at the point of leaving, which will be explained and discussed. Any pre-arranged follow up appointments on an outpatient basis will be detailed in this letter.

Medication that has been dispensed whilst at Bursledon House will be given at discharge if required on an ongoing basis. Medication will normally be provided for 7 days. The doctor/nurse will liaise with the patient's GP to ensure that an ongoing prescription is available.

Both parents and patients are asked to complete a satisfaction questionnaire at the point of discharge, so that feedback can be analysed and evaluated in order to implement and sustain the service we provide.