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Health and wellbeing resources

Our team’s trainee clinical psychologists have produced some short video clips about stress and anxiety and ways of managing them.

These are based on a webinar (see video below) for parents that was delivered during the COVID-19 lockdown to manage anxieties around COVID and transitions, including back-to-school and back-to-work transitions.

The content is based on ideas from cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy, primarily the FACE COVID-19 document by Dr Russ Harris.

Stress and anxiety

  • What happens when we get anxious?
  • What is the body’s fight-flight-freeze response?
  • When does worry become a problem?
  • Notice any vicious cycles?
  • What basic steps can we take to help ourselves and our families?

Managing difficult thoughts and feelings

FACE COVID is an acronym of strategies to manage difficult thoughts and feelings using acceptance and commitment therapy. The principles of this approach are:

  • To help us acknowledge difficulties experienced - without trying to get rid of or escape from them
  • To enable us to focus on what matters - to lead a meaningful life in spite of the challenges.

Here are video clips of the main strategies in FACE COVID:

  • Focus on what is in your control


  • Managing thoughts and feelings


  • Using the body to connect with the present moment


  • Values and committed action.

Further wellbeing tips for individuals and families