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Useful links


We've put together a list of some of the self-help websites that we recommend to young people and their families. Please note that these are external websites, and we're not responsible for the content or keeping them updated.

Emotional difficulty

    Providing information sheets and worksheets for a variety of emotional difficulties (including anxiety, anger and low mood) and coping strategies (including relaxation, thought challenging, problem solving and mindfulness). These are based on the cognitive-behavioural therapy approach.
    The Centre for Clinical Interventions website, offering support for difficulties such as low mood, health anxiety, worries, panic, low self esteem, social anxiety and more.

    A website including resources to support children and adults in understanding and managing anxiety.



Mental health

Healthy eating and exercise

Family support


For younger children


There are some useful apps that young people can use to help them understand and manage emotions such as anxiety. Pleaes note that these are external apps, we're not responsible for their content or update.


An app about coming to hospital and coping with being in hospital. It includes relaxation and visualisation tools, rewards, and also has practical information such as what to bring with you.

Self-help for anxiety (SAM)

Including information about anxiety, tools to record anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and coping strategies.

BASE – Solent NHS Trust

You can record your thoughts and feelings in a diary, alongside helpful tips for relaxation and distraction.


Including lots of tools to help with anxiety.


A good introduction to mindfulness and includes example exercises.

Smiling mind

This app includes mindfulness meditation exercises (both child and adult programmes). You can rate feelings before and after exercises, and there are awards you can earn.


Including mindfulness medication exercises, this app is adolescent and adult friendly. It includes an overview of meditation and you can rate how you’re feeling mentally, physically and emotionally, allowing the app to tailor the meditations to suit your current mood.


The child psychology team has made a list of books that they recommend to children and their families. Topics include anxiety, low mood, anger and sleep.