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What happens when we come to the allergy clinic?

At the children’s allergy clinics, your child will be looked after by a team of specialists who have been trained in looking after children who have allergies. This includes consultants, specialist registrars and specialist nurses and the allergy dietitian. Your child will be examined and assessed by a specialist and any necessary allergy tests carried out. When possible, a diagnosis will be made and any treatment required will be given before you leave.

When your child is referred to the allergy clinic by your GP or consultant the allergy consultant will assess your child’s allergy history and an appropriate appointment will be made. Your child will be seen in the consultant-led allergy clinic by the consultant, the specialist registrar or the allergy nurse specialist.

In order that your child can be allergy tested it is important to stop all antihistamine medicine for four days before his or her clinic appointment. However, if your child really needs them, then give them the antihistamines, but phone us on 023 8120 4075 a week before their appointment for advice.

From your child’s history and the allergy test results we can usually tell what your child is allergic to and the doctor or nurse specialist will then discuss with you how to manage the allergy and what treatments are required.

After your child's diagnosis an individual management plan will be drawn up for you and your child to manage their condition at home.

A specialist dietitian will be able to give you advice on your child's diet.

Specialist nurses will give you practical advise and answer any questions you may have. They will offer advise and training in the use of any drugs such as inhalers or adrenaline autoinjectors (EipPen®).