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Ocean ward play room

Our facilities: Ocean ward

Bed areas

There's wifi on the ward and a selection of televisions and games consoles available for children to use. There are portable DVD players available to borrow and you can bring your own small electrical devices, for example laptops and tablet PCs.

There's a parent or carer bed available at each child's bed space, except for nursery and highcare beds. As space on the ward is limited, it's only possible to allow one parent or carer to stay with each child. Alternative accommodation can be arranged, subject to availability, if both parents would like to stay near the hospital.

Children's cardiac highcare

If your child has been in intensive care, when they return, they will be nursed in the high care ward. This area has specialist nurses and equipment to care for them. As they get better they will return to the 'dolphin' bay or a side room if available.


Meals are supplied for your child. If your child has any special dietary requirements, please speak to your nurse. Snacks are available in the ward kitchen and if you would prefer to bring in your own food, please label it. Parents and relatives may use the kitchen to prepare drinks and food.

Washing facilities

We have showers and a bathroom that you can use when you need to. We also have a disabled toilet and shower. Hair dryers and towels can be supplied if required.

School lessons

If your child is at school, a teacher will work with you on the ward and liaise with your child's school or college. If your child is well enough, they will be able to go to the hospital school on level G.


We have several computers and games consoles on the ward which can be used to play with and email friends and family.


During the week, activities are organised in the play room, which your child can join in with if they are well enough. We can also arrange for activities to be held by your child's bedside.

Teenage room

A purpose built room funded by Wessex Heartbeat provides a recreational area for teenagers with internet access and other facilities.

Electrical equipment

You may bring in your own electrical items for your child to use on the ward, but please ensure that the plugs are checked before use.

Fire safety

The fire alarms are tested once a week on Monday mornings. Find out more about the fire alarm system at Southampton General Hospital.