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Meet the patients: Bethany Tyrrell

Bethany TyrrellMy arthritis story so far

On 6 October 2012 I, Bethany Tyrrell, was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. It was very emotional for my family especially my mum because she really wasn’t expecting it to be arthritis. I have arthritis in my feet, ankles, wrists and fingers. 

We found out when I had a operation on my ankle on March 2012 and I had crutches for which seemed like forever.  When I was on my crutches, my left wrist swelled up like a big balloon and it really hurt. I told my mum and dad about it and we immediately went for a check-up and that’s when we found out.

Maybe it did stop me from doing different things but I found out other different things to do and now I am really good at swimming and I am going to try out for different things as well. When my joints are on fire I just want injections to put it out. But other than that I don’t care If people question me about what arthritis is, or if people talk about me, because it doesn’t make me different to them, well I think it does but mum keeps saying it doesn’t, and I have just started secondary school so I would like Sarah (paediatric rheumatology nurse specialist) to talk about it with them so they would understand and feel a bit more normal.