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Neonatal intensive care unit charity

We have an active fundraising programme, with many parents, families and carers who raise money for us. Please support our charity to help us improve facilities for babies and their families.

What do we raise money for?


Fundraising helps us to have the most up to date and appropriate equipment for each baby - a significant proportion of our funds are spent on this. We've previously bought ventilators, incubators, breast pumps, cooling and transport equipment.

Parent and families

Some charity money is used to improve facilities and experiences for parents and families. We have been able to refurbish parent areas, and purchase memory boxes and cameras as well as parent information leaflets. 


Some of the money we receive buys babies clothes, sheets, toys and Christmas stockings (these items can also be donated).

Staff education

Some funding goes towards staff training, including attending local and national conferences and courses to improve staff development, improving the care and support that we offer.

What to do if you would like to raise money for our unit

Any donations are gratefully received. For more information, please email Lisa Leppard (family care sister) or Fiona Lawson (matron and unit manager). If you have a suggestion or preference for how your donation could be used, please let us know.

Find out more about Southampton Hospital Charity or visit the Holding Little Hands Facebook page.