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Fundraising for PICU

There are two main ways you can support Southampton PICU if you have been inspired by our work.

Friends of PICUFriends of PICU logo

You may wish to support the Friends of PICU (CIO registered charity in England 1183373), a charity that directly supports the PICU. Many of those who volunteer and support the charity have had, or known, a child who has been cared for on the PICU.

The Friends of PICU exists to raise money to support the unit, children and their families by providing equipment and services that are not always provided by the statutory authorities. Recent projects have included providing new specialist cots, ventilators and art and craft materials to desensitize the medical environment where possible. We have also supported a major project expanding the PICU by adding two new bed spaces, with a longer term project to refurbish the PICU family accommodation. 

Another key on-going project is fundraising to update the dedicated PICU specialist retrievals ambulance. The charity is very proud to have donated the full cost for the last four ambulances, with the fifth ambulance due for renovation by end of 2020. The ambulance provides a key part of the PICU service, collecting and returning children from across the South of England and the hospitals supported by the PICU.

Your support will help to make a real difference to the PICU, the children and their families and the amazing service provided by the NHS.

If you would like more information about the Friends of PICU please contact them via the Friends of PICU website or email

You can also call 07757 373513 or find us on social media.

Southampton Hospital Charity PICU fund

Alternatively you can make a donation to PICU via the main Southampton Hospital Charity, and choose between donating to the general fund that benefits all hospital services, or the special PICU account that is only spent on PICU services.

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