University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Routines in PICU

An average day in PICU follows an established routine.

8am Nurses from the night shift report to the day nurses.

8.15 to 8.45am Nurses do a safety check on all the equipment and examine your child carefully.

8.30 to 9.30am The doctors, nurse in charge of the shift and other members of the team get together and discuss your child's progress and ongoing treatment. This meeting takes place out of the unit. A doctor is allocated to look after your child for the

9.30am onwards Treatments and tests are carried out. This is an opportunity to discuss any care your child is receiving. The nurse can then share this information with other members of the team.

12noon Microbiologists visit the unit and discuss with your child's doctor necessary treatments to treat infection.

2 to 3pm If possible we try to have a quiet time. This is when the lights go down, noise is reduced to a minimum and procedures avoided where possible.

4.30 to 5.15pm This is a time when PICU doctors see each child to evaluate daily progress and to plan care for the night with other team members. It occurs at the bedside and you are encouraged to stay with your child.

8pm Nurses from the day shift report update those on nights.

10pm onwards As much rest as possible is given to all the children. However intensive care does continue throughout the night.