University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust


You can be with your child as often as possible. We do not regard parents as
visitors in PICU.

Because PICU is an open and busy area, these are the guidelines for people
coming in to PICU:

  • A situation may arise in the PICU where you are not able to enter immediately. Please call from the intercom from outside the door before you come in.
  • Let staff know if this is your first time in the PICU. Someone will come out and help you get acquainted with the new surroundings.
  • Children may find PICU a daunting place. We can arrange for our play specialist to spend time with visiting children, working through any issues that may concern them regarding their PICU visit. It is your responsibility to supervise your children while they are visiting.
  • We recommend that only two or three people visit at one time. However, there are times that we can make exceptions. Please speak to the nurse looking after your child.
  • Infections spread quickly and are more dangerous to children who are very sick. For the protection of all the children in PICU, anyone who is sick or has been in contact with an infectious person should stay away.
  • Hand washing is very important in the hospital - please talk to staff about this.