Meet the team

The nutrition support and intestinal failure service is run by a team of doctors, surgeons, specialist nurses, pharmacists, dietitian and ward staff. We have close links with many other services including psychiatry and the chaplaincy.


Trevor Smith

Dr Trevor Smith, consultant gastroenterologist

Dr Smith has a specialist interest in intestinal failure and nutrition support., and is the clinical director for intestinal failure and specialist medicine. Dr Smith has a number of national roles including chairing the British Artificial Nutrition Survey. Contact Dr Smith's secretary on 023 8120 4153.

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Rutter, Dr Charlotte (gastroenterology) side photo

Dr Charlotte Rutter, consultant gastroenterologist

Dr Rutter looks after general gastroenterology inpatients and outpatients, and helps to run the nutrition support and intestinal failure servic. Contact Dr Rutter's secretary on 023 8120 4153

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Dr Emily Clarke, consultant gastroenterologist

Dr Clarke completed gastroenterology training in South West England, and spent time working in intestinal failure at St Mark’s Hospital, London and in intestinal and multivisceral (multiple organ) transplantation at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge. Contact Dr Clarke's secretary on 023 8120 4153.

Andrew King

Mr Andrew King, consultant colorectal surgeon

Mr Andrew King works as our lead intestinal failure surgeon. He is involved in the management of all of our patients with enterocutaneous fistulae and open abdomens. He also has an interest in laparoscopic surgery both in the treatment of complex inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer. Contact Mr King's secretary on 023 8120 4636.

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Mr Carl Richardson, consultant colorectal surgeon

Mr Richardson leads the surgical intestinal failure service alongside Mr King, and has a special interest in surgery for inflammatory bowel disease. He was part of the team responsible for the successful application to NHS England for Southampton to become a national service for intestinal failure surgery. Contact Mr Richardson' secretary on 023 8120 4636.

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Nurses specialists

Liz Buse

Liz Buse, clinical nurse specialist in intestinal failure

Liz is based predominantly on the intestinal failure unit. She works with the surgeons, gastroenterologists, nutrition team and ward nurses. Liz acts as an advocate for patients and their families, providing support and guidance in many aspects of managing intestinal failure, and coordinating the highly individualised and multi-disciplinary care required. She also provides education and training for the staff within the intestinal failure unit and acts as a resource for colleagues.

Zillah Leach

Zillah Leach, clinical nurse specialist in nutrition support

Zillah has significant training and experience in enteral nutrition (feeding via a tube into the gut) and parenteral nutrition (feeding via a tube into the vein). Working closely with the rest of the team, her role involves reviewing patients receiving intravenous feeding. Zillah also coordinates the process for patients requiring intravenous feeding at home, liaising with the home care companies that provide equipment and feed and starting training for the patient.


Catherine Sibley, clinical nurse specialist in enteral nutrition

Catherine assesses patients for enteral nutrition (feeding via a tube into the gut), and provides information, support and advice to patients and their families. Catherine also works with community teams to ensure patients receive good care for their feeding tubes if they are admitted to hospital.


Priya Mistry

Priya Mistry, lead pharmacist, nutritional support and intestinal failure

Priya reviews patients receiving parenteral nutrition with close attention to the formulation and their other medication needs. Priya also works closely with the in-house technical services unit and the surgical ward pharmacists. Her role includes helping to co-ordinate parenteral nutrition for patients at home, and working with the homecare companies' pharmacy units. Her role as lead pharmacist involves co-ordinating and taking responsibility for the pharmacy service to the team.


Lucy Bakewell

Lucy Bakewell, intestinal failure dietitian

Lucy is one of the dietitians on the team specialising in intestinal failure. She has a particular focus on patient with high output stomas and short bowel syndrome, providing advice to patients to maximise the nutrition and fluid they get from their diets whilst minimising symptoms. Alongside other members of the team, she reviews patients on intravenous nutrition and helps them move towards other forms of nutrition. Lucy also runs a separate clinic for outpatients who would benefit from more intensive dietetic input.

Hannah Leach, intestinal failure dietitian

Hannah works with the team on a daily basis reviewing patients on intravenous nutrition with a focus on moving them to alternative methods of nutrition.

The nursing team

Nurses on E8

Nurses on the intestinal failure unit

The intestinal failure unit team work to optimise nutritional status, regulate fluid and electrolyte balance and aid complex stoma, fistula and wound management. The nurses are highly trained and competent in wound care and the care of central access devises and promote high levels of infection prevention and control in order to safeguard our patients. The staff working within the intestinal failure unit continually strive for excellence and aspire to promote patient centred care, while encouraging condition understanding and self management as appropriate.

Stoma nurses

The stoma care nurses provide education, informal counselling, lifestyle advice, health promotion, appliance management and support to people who have or are about to have a stoma formed. The service involves both pre-operative and long term management of clients with a stoma. This service is provided by Solent NHS Trust and is accessible to all inpatients and outpatients within Southampton city and parts of West Hampshire. Patients living outside of the local area will be provided with contact details for their local services before discharge.