Maternity services during COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is naturally a worrying time for pregnant families and those with newborn babies. Within Southampton maternity services we are receiving frequent updates and have made changes to our service in response to the safety recommendations, and to prepare us for any infections in our area. These are regularly being reviewed and updated as national guidance and local circumstances change, and we felt that providing accurate information to those in our care would be helpful. We intend to share updates with you over the next few weeks and months about all elements of your maternity care. Please follow us on social media (Southampton Maternity Service) to get the latest updates.

While some groups in the population are at higher risk with a coronavirus infection, the national bodies representing midwives (RCM), obstetricians (RCOG) and paediatricians (RCPCH) have released a statement confirming that

  • There is currently no new evidence to suggest that pregnant women are at greater risk from coronavirus (COVID-19) than other healthy individuals, or that they can pass the infection to their baby while pregnant.
  • Well women (who are not in isolation) should continue to attend for all their routine appointments. Women who are in isolation because they are unwell, or someone at home is unwell, should defer routine visits until their isolation is over.
  • Mothers and babies should be kept together, even if mothers have a positive test for coronavirus, and that breastfeeding is safe to continue.

We would advise you to follow national guidance on isolating yourself and your household for 14 days if any of you show symptoms of coronavirus and let your midwife know so that your routine visits can be rearranged. Please be assured that the safety of the families in our care is our highest priority and we will be taking all appropriate measures to ensure that you receive all your maternity care in the safest possible way.

Best wishes from all of us in the maternity team

Suzanne Cunningham
Director of midwifery and professional lead for neonatal services, UHS


Illness and coronavirus in newborn babies

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