Visiting restrictions during COVID-19

Antenatal ward (Lyndhurst)

As part of our ongoing reviews to reduce risk of infection to our families at the Princess Anne Hospital we have stopped all visiting to pregnant women on our antenatal ward (Lyndhurst ward on F level, Princess Anne Hospital). After giving birth, mothers in all areas (including any on Lyndhurst ward) will still be able to have their one birth partner to visit them once they have testing negative for COVID-19.

Induction of labour, labour, elective caesarean section and ECV

Your birth partner can be with you throughout labour and throughout induction of labour. You can also have one birth partner with you if you are attending for an ECV.

It is very important that your birth partner does not keep coming in and out of the room, ward or unit.

To help us comply with our single birth partner/postnatal visitor recommendations we will be issuing a named pass to birth partners so that they can come into the Princess Anne Hospital. Staff are located at each entrance to check passes.

Your birth partner will be issued your pass letter when you first arrive at the hospital and will need to bring it with them each time they come to the hospital after that.

Neonatal unit 

If you are expecting a baby that may need to spend some time in the neonatal unit it may be helpful to watch this virtual tour of our neonatal intensive care unit at the Princess Anne Hospital.

Visiting restrictions mean we cannot show you around in advance of the birth of your baby, and only two people will be able to visit the baby during their stay.

Postnatal visiting

One birth partner, who was present at the birth of your baby, can visit you on the postnatal ward once they have had negative test results for COVID-19 confirmed. Please note that they cannot visit until their test results come back. There cannot be swapping of visitors or children. Staff at the entrance of Princess Anne Hospital will ask to see the birth partner pass on arrival. Normal visiting hours remain 9am to 9pm.

Women who are awaiting their own test results will be moved to the transitional ward, and will not be able to have a visitor until they have been moved to the COVID-19 negative ward.