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Reproductive health research: Maternity

COVID-19 information

Please refer to our maternity services during COVID-19 pandemic section to find current information as some of the care provided during your pregnancy and birth may have been altered for your safety and that of our staff.

Your antenatal appointments may run differently and our parent education classes are now all online.

Please speak to your midwife if you have any questions and follow the Southampton maternity service on Facebook for regular updates.


We work closely with doctors and scientists on research studies which aim to develop new treatments and procedures in fertility, maternity and gynaecology.

Our team

Senior research team leader

Nikki Cullum

Senior research midwives

Nicki Martin, Fiona Walbridge and Sue Wellstead

Senior research nurse

Teresa Gubbins

Senior clinical trials assistants

Agnieszka Burtt and Amy Hunt

Our current studies

Our current studies and trials include:


Research into how placentas work and how nutrients are transported across the placenta to the baby. Find out more on the Southampton Placenta Lab Facebook page.


A study which uses the cells from inside donated umbilical cords to develop techniques for developing capillary structures for future medical use. Read more on the HUVEC website.


Looking at maternal environment in relation to its effect on childhood asthma and other respiratory conditions.


A study which aims to determine the best timing of birth for women with high blood pressure in pregnancy.


A study looking into different types of threads commonly used for cervical stitches and their effect on health outcomes.


National registry of multiple pregnancies.

Contact us

For more information please contact us on 023 8120 6856 or 07770 702433, or email