What we do

The radiology department is divided into the following areas:

Cardiothoracic radiology

We provide radiological support to the Wessex cardiothoracic centre, and support the diagnostic tests and treatment carried out in the cardiac catheter labs and cardiac MRI scanner at the hospital. Read more here.

Children's radiology

Our recently updated children's radiology department is based on C level in Southampton General Hospital. Find out more here.

Interventional radiology

Open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), we also provide an emergency on call service. We carry out highly complex and specialised imaging procedures, and have two interventional imaging labs and a hybrid theatre.

Main x-ray service

We provide main x-ray and fluoroscopy and emergency x-ray at Southampton General Hospital, and the satellite x-ray service at the Royal South Hants. Find out more here.

MRI scan

Our MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine builds up pictures of an internal cross-section of part of the body. It contains a tunnel, about four feet long, through which you will pass through on an attached couch. 

The images produced are very detailed and can show both bones and soft tissues in the body, providing lots of information. You can read more in our MRI patient information.


We have a modern neurological unit including CT and MRI scanners and an angiography suite designed for interventional neuroradiological procedures. Based at Southampton General Hospital, we are open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 10pm (MRI) and 8am to 5pm (CT), but we provide emergency examinations outside of these hours.

Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine uses radioactive materials to investigate how different parts of the body work. Find out more about our service here.


We perform ultrasound examinations at Southampton General Hospital, the Princess Anne Hospital and the Royal South Hants.