Clinical services in the community: rheumatology

Our outpatient clinics mean you can be seen at a convenient setting, with more complex problems being referred to Southampton General Hospital.

All of our sites offer a full outpatient service which is predominantly consultant-led, with nurse-led clinics running alongside.


  • Dr Davidson – weekly on Tuesday mornings
  • Dr Armstrong – the fourth Friday morning of the month.


  • Dr Armstrong – weekly on Thursday mornings.


  • Dr Armstrong – first, third and fifth Friday mornings.


  • Dr Holroyd – weekly on Friday mornings.

Basic support services such as blood tests and x-rays are provided at all sites. At Lymington, additional imaging is available using MRI, CT, bone densitometry and ultrasound scans.


A visiting rheumatology service is provided to the Bailiwick of Guernsey, which includes other Channel Islands, mainly Alderney and Sark. Rheumatology clinics are held on four full days each month by Dr Armstrong and Dr Davidson. We can carry out the full spectrum of imaging, with more complex cases being referred to Southampton General Hospital. 

A rheumatology specialist nurse runs a help line, conducts clinics and liaises with local GPs, practice nurses and the consultants in Southampton.