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Celebrating NHS 75

5 July 2023 marked 75 years of the National Health Service. To celebrate this milestone, and the way that what we do has evolved and adapted over this time, we took a look back at some of the firsts that have taken place at our hospital. Read about them below.

Our University-Hospital medical training partnership was established
First to discover the link between birth weight and chronic diseases
First to use fibreoptic bronchoscopy to advance understanding of asthma
First to pioneer keyhole surgery for liver cancer in the UK
First clinical trial to show weaker bones in children is closely linked to mothers vitamin D levels during pregnancy
The first series of One Born Every Minute was filmed here
We were the first to establish a clinical anaesthetic video library
We were the first to offer patients a chance to manage their healthcare online
Our allergy and immunology service was the first in the world to be awarded Centre of Excellence status
Pioneered new prostate cancer treatment using frozen needles guided by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
We were first in the UK to use image-guided combined ablation and resection in thoracic surgery (iCART)
Opened the UK's first centre dedicated to cancer immunology research
We developed a new blood injection to help treat knee arthritis
We performed a world-first nerve stimulation implant procedure
UHS was the first to trial screening for diabetes at sport events
We were first in the UK to use precision laser to split corneal tissue
We were the first to use innovative radiotherapy technique on head and neck cancer patient
First use of 3D technology in the practice of congenital cardiac surgery
We revolutionised children's kidney stone treatment
We were first to create a Patient Support Hub
We were the first to widely introduce a pioneering protective respirator hood
In May 2020 we proudly installed Banksy's Game Changer artwork
First for UHS - PAT dog won at Crufts
Our first ortho-plastic fix and flap
World-first data on COVID-19 boosters from UHS-led study
First implant in the UK of a new leadless pacemaker defibrillator system
First new energy-efficient heating system to be installed
New one-stop clinic for Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients a UK first
We launched innovative self-referral service for prostate cancer testing
We were the first in UK to implant the FIRE1 IVC heart failure monitoring system
We were first in the world to perform simultaneous multiplatform robotic lung resections
First non-consultant worldwide to gain competence in Barrigel rectal
First to pilot a new at-home diabetes test for pregnant women
We were first to combine open and interventional neurosurgery for treatment of complex arterio-venous fistula malformation
We were first in the UK to use cryoablation of kidney cancer
First UK radiographer led cardiac MRI stress service
Pioneering the supply of emergency pre-hospital blood components to Hampshire and IOW air ambulance
We were the first in the UK to perform clinical implants of a pulmonary artery pressure monitoring system