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How the Trust is run

UHS is managed by the Trust Board, which consists of executive directors including the Chief Executive Officer and non-executive directors, and is led by the Chair.

We achieved Foundation Trust status in 2011, which enables greater local accountability and greater financial freedom. 

The Council of Governors is part of the governance structure and holds the Trust Board to account. This means it appoints the non-executive directors and auditors and works closely with the Board to make sure services are meeting the needs of the local community. Most of the governors are elected by the Trust’s public and staff membership, while others are appointed by local stakeholders such as the local universities and councils.

The various departments and divisions report to the Chief Executive Officer.

The Trust's services are commissioned by NHS Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board.

Our work is based upon the strategic direction established by the Department of Health and Social Care. 

As the Trust is a major centre for teaching and research, close working relationships have also been established with the University of Southampton, National Institute for Health and Care Research, Medical Research Council and Cancer Research UK.