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Our values, vision and mission

University Hospital Southampton is a leading university teaching hospital, able to deliver treatments for virtually every condition where one exists whilst leading ground-breaking research to expand our portfolio further.

Together, our 12,000 staff provide a range of secondary care services to our local population and specialist tertiary services for nearly4 million people across the south of England and beyond. Through our long-standing values of Patients First, Working Together and Always Improving, we are proud of the care we provide and the outcomes we achieve.


The Covid-19 pandemic dominated all our lives in 2020/2021. We will forever be grateful for the resilience, commitment and dedication of our staff to care for patients, and their colleagues, keeping the hospital going during the most difficult times any of us are ever likely to face. The physical and emotional burden has been heavy for many and a strengthened approach to health and wellbeing will be critical for our future. In the immediate term, we will work with our people to support compassionate reflection, rest and recovery as we emerge from the COVID pandemic.

Whilst it has been hugely challenging, we should take enormous pride in all we have achieved during the pandemic. Innovation and teamwork across every level of the Trust has seen us deliver some long-standing ambitions which previously had somehow remained out of reach. Together we have achieved a lot and the UHS family bond is stronger now than ever.

Moving Forward

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic and our heads come up to look to the future, now is the right time to consider what comes next for UHS and the services we provide for patients. Through talking to staff and hearing of their hopes for themselves and the services they deliver, this document sets out our strategy and ambitions over the next five years. Much of it will feel familiar; there are no fundamental changes of purpose or direction. But outstanding organisations keep looking at the horizon and through our always improving ethos, we will make adjustments together to make us even more proud of the patient care we provide tomorrow than we are today

Our mission

University Hospital Southampton: together we care, innovate and inspire

Our values

Patients first

Patients and families will be at the heart of what we do and their experience within the hospital, and their perception of the Trust, will be our measure of success.

Working together

Our clinical teams will provide services to patients and are crucial to our success. We have launched a leadership strategy that ensures our clinical management teams are engaged in the day-to-day management and governance of the Trust.

Always improving

Our growing reputation in research and development and our approach to education and training will continue to incorporate new ideas, technologies and greater efficiencies in the services we provide

Outstanding patient outcomes
Outstanding patient outcomes


Our framework is based on the vision and values of UHS, organised around five themes: Outstanding patient outcomes, safety and experience – a national reputation for outstanding patient outcomes, experience and safety, providing high quality care and treatment across an extensive range of services from fetal medicine, through all life stages and conditions, to end of life care


Pioneering Research and Innovation
Pioneering Research and Innovation

Pioneering research and innovation – a leading teaching hospital with a growing, reputable and innovative research and development portfolio that attracts the best staff and efficiently delivers the best possible treatments and care for our patients 

World Class People
World Class People

World class people – supporting and nurturing our people through a culture that values diversity and builds knowledge and skills to provide rewarding career paths within empowered, compassionate, and motivated teams.

Find Our People Strategy here.

Integrated Networks
Integrated Networks

Integrated networks and collaboration – delivering our services with partners through clinical networks, collaboration and integration across geographical and organisational boundaries 

Foundations for the Future
Foundations for the Future

Foundations for the future – making our corporate infrastructure (finance, digital, estate) fit for the future to support a leading university teaching hospital in the 21st century and recognising our responsibility as a major employer in the community of Southampton and our role in delivering a greener NHS

Each of the themes is supported by ambitions, which set out our priorities in more detail and define what we want to achieve by 2025, all underpinned by a systematic approach to improvement. 

Our strategic plan 2021 to 2025
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