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Parkinson's disease service

The Parkinson's disease service provides a multidisciplinary service for people with movement disorders in Southampton and the surrounding areas.

Our catchment area includes Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Dorset and South Wiltshire.

Inpatient services

We like to be informed when an individual with Parkinson’s disease or a movement disorder is admitted to hospital.

Specialist consultant advice is always available for inpatients. For more information please speak to your specialist nurse, nurse in charge of the ward or leave a message with the medical secretaries on 023 8120 4354.

Being able to plan care ahead is extremely important. If an admission or operation is planned, please talk to your consultant or specialist nurse about how your Parkinson’s can be best managed during your time in hospital.

Initiation of apomorphine

This is occasionally required for patients for whom medication with tablets is insufficient. It requires a short, planned admission to the Wessex Neurological Centre, pending assessment via the specialist neurology services.

Initiation of duodopa therapy

This is a very specialised treatment requiring admission to the Wessex Neurological Centre and insertion of a PEJ tube for drug delivery. It is only available on a named patient basis and is currently under review.