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Urological cancers

Our urological oncology service diagnoses, treats and helps to manage cancers that affect the prostate, bladder, kidney and testicles.

You can find more information about the different forms of urological cancers we treat on the NHS website:

Contact us

Urology cancer office - call 023 8120 6369

A voicemail service is in operation and calls will be returned within 24 hours during the week unless the outgoing message directs otherwise.

Email the urology cancer clinical nurse specialists at

If patients are receiving cancer treatments and feeling unwell, they should contact the 24 hours Macmillan acute oncology service on 023 8120 1345.

Our team

Our service is led by an expert team of consultant oncologists and radiotherapists, and supported by dedicated clinical nurse specialists. We're here to support you, and your family and friends during your time under our care.

Diagnosis and treatment

The methods of diagnosing cancer will vary depending on the type of cancer you have. Following your diagnosis, we will discuss your individualised treatment plan with you.

Your treatment plan will depend on your overall health as well as how advanced the cancer is. Our team will review your results and will talk to you about how we can treat and manage your type of cancer.

Find out more about how we treat urological cancers on our treatment page.


We have an international reputation for high quality cancer research. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of local, national and international clinical research studies for patients with urological cancers.

Where possible, we will offer you the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial when discussing conventional options for treatment.

Please ask your consultant if you would like to take part in a research study.

Patient information