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Radiology (scans and imaging)

Appointment information

It’s important that patients attend their planned diagnostic imaging appointments. If you don’t attend a booked appointment, there could be a significant wait for another one.

Our radiology department is doing everything possible to minimise the COVID-19 risk to you during your visit and maximising service delivery to ensure patients are seen promptly and efficiently.

Please attend alone for your appointment. If you require assistance, one adult will be able to attend with you but may be asked to wait in the waiting room. Please do not bring children to your appointment as they are not able to accompany you into the scan rooms and we are unable to provide child care.

If cannot make your imaging appointment, please call the UHS radiology department to cancel or rebook on 023 8120 4015.

Our service

We're one of the largest radiology services in the country, and provide services across Southampton General Hospital, the Princess Anne Hospital, and the Royal South Hants Hospital. We also provide outreach services for breast screening, covering more than 20 sites, and neuroradiology.

Our service includes general radiology, covering imaging such as x-ray, and cardiothoracic radiology which deals with scans and images of the chest and heart. We have a children's radiology department, seeing children up to 14 years old.

You can read more about the procedures we carry out in our patient information pages, which includes links to information produced by national organisations.

Click here to download a video on how the radiology team celebrated the recent Allied Health Professionals Day.

Member of radiology staff with scanning equipment