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Hand, wrist and elbow

We're a regional centre for complex hand, wrist and elbow problems, with one of the most specialised hand surgery units in the UK. You may be referred to us from other hospitals in the south of England and Channel Islands. We also take referrals from GPs, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

As a teaching hospital, we carry out some work that isn't widely available in other hospitals, and are at the forefront of new research and treatments.

You'll usually first meet us at our outpatients clinic at the Royal South Hants Hospital, although you may be referred from another clinic.

Day cases can be treated at Lymington Hospital or in Southampton, but complex procedures and any requiring an overnight stay are always carried out at Southampton General Hospital.

We have dedicated orthopaedic wards, so you'll be looked after by doctors and nurses who specialise in this field. Our hand therapy team works alongside our specialist surgeons to treat you and help you to recover after operations and injuries. We also work with our colleagues in areas such as cancer care or the children's hospital in cases that need the involvement of several teams.

Find out more about the conditions that we treat.