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Placements and clinical attachments

We are currently unable to accept any nursing, medical or AHP students on elective placement.

This page will be updated when this situation changes.

Information for overseas doctors on clinical attachments has been updated below.

University Hospital Southampton is a designated acute teaching hospital, covering two main sites at Southampton General Hospital and Princess Anne Hospital, as well as supporting some services at the Royal South Hants Hospital, Lymington Hospital and the New Forest Birthing Centre.

We support a large number of students as well as learners from within the organisation. Student learners included non-medical students such as operating department practitioners, physiotherapists, pharmacists, nutrition and dietetics and nursing students, as well as medical students and medical trainees.

Our departmental clinical profiles will give you an insight into the structure of the organisation (divisional breakdown), make you aware of the policies that apply to you whilst on placement, and let you find out more about the area that you have been allocated to.

You can find out more about the types of job we have at the Trust here.

We hope the information on these pages helps you to gain an insight into UHS and the learning and education that can be accessed, as well as the resources available.

Departmental clinical profiles

Division A

Critical care (CICU, GICU, neuro ICU, SHDU)

Ophthalmology (ED ophthalmology, eye short stay unit ophthalmology, outpatient ophthalmology)

Surgery (E5 lower GI, E5 upper GI, E8, F5, F11, acute admissions - ASA F6 & ASU, outpatients departments (surgical, medical, ENT & maxillofacial), surgical pre-operative assessment unit, urology day unit)

Theatres (theatres (centre block and neuro), day surgical unit, Lymington theatres and Knightwood surgical day unit, sterile services, acute pain services, anaesthetists, eye theatres, Princess Anne theatres)

Division B

Division B abbreviations
Size: 160KBType: pdf

Cancer care (C4, C6 BMT, CMH, D3, D2, C6 TYA)

Emergency medicine (AMU, SDEC, ED)

Medicine (medicine respiratory: D5, D6, RHDU; medicine gastro: D8, D9, D10, E7)

Medicine for older people (G5, G6, G7, G8, G9, F7)


Respiratory physiology

Specialist medicine (managed care, dermatology, rheumatology, C5, TRC, pulmonary function laboratory, endoscopy)

Division C


Clinical profile: audiology
Size: 366KBType: pdf

Children's Hospital (PAU, PMU, G2N, PHDU, G3, G4SUN, G4N, JADW, Piam Brown, E1, PICU, COPD, Bursledon House)

Gynaecology (Bramshaw women’s unit)

Midwifery (day obstetric unit, antenatal clinic, delivery suite, Broadlands Birth Centre, Burley and Lyndhurst, New Forest Birth Centre, community)

Neonates (neonatal unit)

Nutrition and dietetics


Clinical profile pharmacy
Size: 338KBType: pdf


Division D

Cardiovascular and thoracic (D4, CCU, CHDU, E2, E3, E4, cardiac cath lab and day case unit)

Neurosciences (HASU (C neuro), RTU (C neuro), D neuro, E neuro, F8 acute stroke unit, F4 spinal, neuro outpatients)


Technical cardiology

Trauma and orthopaedics (F1, F2, F3, F4, Brooke ward, orthopaedic outpatients)

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