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Tuesday 26 March 2024

Exciting new BBC series showcases University Hospital Southampton's surgical excellence

A BBC TV series that gives a unique insight into the world-class surgery that takes place at University Hospital Southampton (UHS) launches this week (Wednesday 27 March).

The six-part BBC Two series, 'Surgeons: At the Edge of Life', is made up of hour-long episodes, delving into intricate, multi-stage operations that challenge the boundaries of surgical possibility.

In the opening episode titled 'A Risk Worth Taking', viewers will witness consultant spinal surgeon Michael Quaye and consultant urology surgeon James Douglas teaming up to take on a complex two-day surgery for 27-year-old George. George requires the removal of a deep-seated tumour, where one mistake could leave him paralysed. Additionally, consultant thoracic surgeon Alessandro Tamburrini tackles high-risk surgery for 49-year-old Nigel, who has a rapidly growing lung tumour.

Produced by Dragonfly Film & TV, the series features insightful interviews with clinicians, compelling narratives from patients and families, and captivating scenes which shed light on the countless specialities, departments and wards making up the patient journeys at UHS.

Much of the filming was made possible with fixed-rig cameras connected to remote galleries situated both inside and outside the hospital. This latest instalment of the highly acclaimed series was filmed at UHS over the spring and summer of 2023.

David French, chief executive at UHS, shared his thoughts, saying: "This series brilliantly showcases the dedication of UHS staff towards delivering world-class care for our patients. I’m sure that with each episode it will instil a sense of collective pride among our teams, knowing that millions of viewers will witness the expertise and unwavering commitment to care that defines UHS and our incredible staff."

Tune in every Wednesday at 9pm from 27 March on BBC2 and also available on BBC Iplayer. For more information and previews, visit the BBC website