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Procedure for media enquiries

Media enquiries should be directed to the communications team at

We welcome enquiries from members of the print, broadcast and online media and will make every effort to answer questions promptly. The press office should be your first point of contact for any media enquiries and all other staff have been advised to refer any approaches from members of the media to the communications team.

Requests for interviews

Under no circumstances may interviews, filming or photography be carried out on or around Trust sites without the prior permission of the communications team. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an interview.

Condition checks

We will only enquire about the condition of a patient if we are provided with the full name and date of birth of the individual concerned. Please do not contact us for a condition check if you don't have this information. To request a condition check contact us on the above email.

We place great emphasis on the need for the strictest confidentiality in respect of our patients. We will not divulge any information about a patient unless we are given permission from the individual or their next of kin.

Patient confidentiality

All requests for interviewing or photographing patients whilst being treated at UHS, must be made through the communications team.