Work experience

We're excited to announce that big changes are coming in from March 2018 in the way we plan and offer work experience to local students hoping to gain insight into health and hospital related careers.

To allow us to effectively plan and implement these changes we need to consult staff, local schools and colleges. This means we're temporarily suspending our current application process for several months.

Advice for students

Applications that have already been agreed will continue to be offered in our current format. Regrettably, during this changeover period there will be some more recent applications which we haven't been able to confirm, and we will return these applications to students. If you're in this position, you're more than welcome to reapply for the new programme when it launches later this year, or to approach other work experience providers in the interim period.

Advice for schools

We'll be working with colleagues in our training, development and workforce team to review our work experience programmes and future offer, and hope to invite local schools and colleges to contribute to our review process in January 2018. If you're interested in attending an event, please email

Advice for parents and carers

Please be advised that until this review is complete, we cannot accept any new applications. Please encourage your son or daughter to check our webpages again later in the year when further information on our new work experience programmes will be available.