Hospital trust audiologist appointed to national body

Sue Robinson

A top audiologist from Southampton has been appointed to a national advisory board by the Department of Health.

Sue Robinson, audiology service manager at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, will sit on the Audiology Advisory Board (AAB) and offer expert input to help improve services nationwide.

The AAB helps to develop and progress the government’s National Audiology Programme, which was introduced in 2007 to cut patient waiting times.

Sue’s appointment follows the announcement earlier this year of SUHT’s excellent audiology performance, which showed it was one of the best in the country for reducing waiting times.

The DH set out for 95% of patients referred by GPs to be treated within 18 weeks by December 2008 under the programme.

The SUHT audiology department had already achieved and bettered this by December 2007 – a full year ahead of schedule.

Half of patients in Southampton receive their treatment within just four weeks of being referred by GPs, while every patient is treated within ten weeks – eight weeks under the government’s target.

Posted on Friday 6 November 2009