National role for children's cancer specialist

Jan Kohler

A leading cancer specialist based at Southampton General Hospital has been appointed to a prominent national post.

Dr Jan Kohler, consultant paediatric oncologist, will head up the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group – an organisation for research and study into childhood cancer – as network clinical lead.

The group, which also sets out to improve standards of care for children and young people with cancer, has over 600 members and works closely with 20 paediatric oncology centres across the country.

“I am pleased to have been asked to take on this challenging but exciting new role,” Dr Kohler said.

The CCLG has undergone reconfiguration over the last year in order to align itself more closely with National Institute for Health Research clinical networks, particularly the National Cancer Research Network and Medicines for Children Research Network.

Dr Kohler added: “My aim is to establish a shared governance structure with these other networks and to actively performance manage trial activity in the 20 UK cancer centres.

“We also have to find a sustainable funding stream for our national network, since until now we have relied on charitable funding and this will cease next year.”

Dr Kohler has been on the executive of the CCLG for the last four years and has chaired its clinical research governance group.

Posted on Thursday 27 August 2009