Southampton nurse develops inventions to help chemotherapy patients


A nurse based at Southampton General Hospital has developed pioneering inventions that will benefit patients requiring intravenous treatment.

Sara Wells, bone marrow transplant coordinator, spent a year creating the Venous Assessment Tool (VAT) and Deciding on Intravenous Access (DIVA).

The paper-based assessment tools, which will be used primarily for chemotherapy patients, help nurses to assess patients for the most appropriate device to deliver medication directly into their veins.

“When a patient is admitted to hospital with haematological problems, they may need to have a range of treatments delivered into their veins,” Sara said.

“VAT and DIVA aim to help nurses make an assessment when a patient arrives to ensure the most appropriate venous access device is used.”

She added: “The tools not only enable healthcare staff to do a better job by assisting in decision making, they also help patients by reducing the risk of problems developing as their treatment progresses.”

Sara, who has worked in the NHS for seven years, came up with the idea during her time working as a sister at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

Now she hopes her tools will be adopted by nurses across the country.

Posted on Monday 28 September 2009