Southampton's 'energy champions' freshen up environmental agenda

Southampton General HospitalA network of 'energy champions' has been created by Southampton's teaching hospitals to promote the environmental agenda.

Selected staff members have been raising awareness of the importance of saving energy as part of Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust's ongoing Earthcare and Energy campaign.

The campaign – part of a national drive in the NHS to reduce carbon emissions – aims to highlight of the practical things we can all do to better our environment and save energy.

Already, through the hard work and diligence of hospital staff, the average annual increase in electricity consumption has been reduced for 2008/09 - equating to a cost avoidance of £95,000 and a reduction of 550 tonnes of carbon.

The savings have been achieved through various methods, including switching off electrical equipment when it is not required and reporting problems with building services at the earliest opportunity.

Peter Oliver, SUHT energy manager, said: "The key part of this campaign is getting people on board, from directors and managers, to  medical and catering staff - everyone is involved.

"Our energy champions have been and are still being trained on a range of environmental issues to enable them to spread awareness of Earthcare and Energy on a daily basis."

Peter added: "This is no ordinary campaign. We are all aware of the mass scale with which the media has been reporting climate change, but we are aiming to cut through the 'greenwash' and focus on practical measures people can take to ensure visible change."

Issued: 3 April 2009


Posted on Friday 3 April 2009