Southampton matrons develop patient and relative 'listening clinics'

Katie Ord and Jill Young

Two leading nurses at Southampton General Hospital are giving patients and relatives the chance to talk about their experiences in innovative ‘listening clinics’.

The initiative is the brainchild of matrons Jill Young and Katie Ord and provides an open forum for people to talk about the positive and negative aspects of care on the hospital’s older persons wards.

Their clinics, which take place once a month, are drop-in sessions and begin in the afternoons to fit in with visiting hours.

One of the two matrons visits the wards to introduce themselves to patients and their families and inform them of the clinic, while the other waits for those who stop by.

“We were keen to instil a sense of confidence in the care we provide and felt that, by giving people a chance to talk to us in person, they would be able to relate more closely to the staff around them,” Katie said.

“The clinics give us a chance to engage with people face to face, find out what we’re doing well or not so well and sometimes nip any potential problems in the bud.”

Patients and relatives will find posters featuring Jill and Katie’s photographs and details of their next clinic on the noticeboards around the medicine for older people department.

Posted on Tuesday 19 January 2010