Southampton surgeons among the best in the country

Two orthopaedic experts based at Southampton General Hospital have been voted among the top surgeons in the UK by their fellow professionals.

The Daily Mail canvassed the opinions of leading hip and knee specialists to discover which names were most highly thought of in their field.

The results saw consultant orthopaedic surgeons Doug Dunlop and Professor David Barrett named in the hip and knee replacement lists respectively.

“It is extremely pleasing for both of us to be named among the best surgeons in our areas of expertise and it is a great reflection on the calibre of staff we have in Southampton,” said Professor Barrett, who is also a professor of orthopaedic engineering at the University of Southampton.

Last year, Mr Dunlop and colleagues pioneered the development of a new technique using patients’ own stem cells to replace damaged bone in the hip without the need for a replacement.

Posted on Monday 11 October 2010