Complete Fertility welcomes new consultant with special interest in male subfertility

Mr Rowland ReesComplete Fertility Centre Southampton, based at the Princess Anne Hospital, continues to develop and expand its offering of skilled specialists and is delighted to welcome Mr Rowland Rees, consultant urologist, who has a special interest in the investigation and management of male subfertility.

Mr Rees joins Complete Fertility to provide a specialist clinic for couples where there is a significant male fertility issue. This clinic will focus on fully investigating men who have abnormal sperm counts and look for issues such as tubal blockages, hormonal problems or lifestyle factors. A significant percentage of these male infertility problems can be optimised and treated to negate the need for sperm retrieval procedures or donor sperm.  

Mr Rees is also a trained micro-surgeon specialising in surgical reconstruction of the genital tract where there are obstructions, such as congenital anomalies, post-infective obstruction, or following previous vasectomy.   

Another area of interest is the improvement of sperm retrieval rates in non-obstructive azoospermia (where there is no sperm in the ejaculate). Using detailed investigations and careful surgery many centres worldwide have significantly improved the rate of sperm retrieval for men who would once have been told there was no hope.

Mr Rees said; “Azoospermic men are still being told to give up on fathering a child after a negative simple biopsy. However, we now know that, by deeper and further examination of spermatogenesis (the production and development of mature spermatozoa) and new sperm retrieval techniques, many more men can father their own children. There are excellent results’ coming from our US colleagues and it is our obligation to give these men a more thorough exploration.”

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Posted on Friday 20 December 2013