Press statement in relation to Ashya King, 2 September 2014

A spokesperson for University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are aware of the comments made about Ashya’s treatment by the Proton Therapy Centre in Prague today.

“While Ashya was under our care, we discussed the option of treatment in this centre with the family and made contact with them at that point. 

“We were willing to support the family’s transfer to Prague for proton beam radiotherapy, although we did not recommend it. The Proton Therapy Centre has been in touch again yesterday afternoon to enquire about Ashya’s potential future care and confirm that they would be keen to treat him if he is suitable according to the relevant criteria. 

“We have of course been open to discussing this, however, since Ashya is a ward of court, at this stage it is for a judge to make all future decisions regarding his treatment.

“The decision to apply for ward of court was made by Portsmouth City Council with our support and on the advice of Hampshire Police.”

Posted on Tuesday 2 September 2014