Statement re BBC programme on Ashya King

The care and treatment five-year-old Ashya King received at Southampton General Hospital has been the subject of intense media speculation over the past seven months.

With an unprecedented amount of information about Ashya disclosed in public, our team decided to take part in a BBC documentary to clarify some of the misconceptions which have caused unnecessary distress for many former and current patients and their families, both in Southampton and throughout the country.

We would never breach the confidentiality of a patient and we have been careful not to reveal or put new information about Ashya into the public domain. Anything we have discussed has been made public by his family or included in the High Court judgement delivered by Mr Justice Baker.

We hope the clarity given by our clinicians helps in some way to provide patients and families with comfort and reassurance at what is often a very vulnerable time in their lives.

For more information see the following statement (issued on 2 September 2014).

Posted on Friday 10 April 2015