Heart expert calls on fans to look after health during Euro 2016

A leading cardiologist has called on football fans to look after their health ahead of England’s first match of the Euro 2016 tournament in France.

Dr James Wilkinson, a consultant cardiologist at Southampton General Hospital, said: “There is a clear link between stress and myocardial infarction – heart attacks – and this regularly causes an increase in admissions during major football tournaments.

"People also drink more alcohol, leading to worse blood pressure control, and smoke more, which are both known causative factors for heart attacks. Given all of this, we would expect more admissions to our specialist centre during Euro 2016.

“From past experience, we also know people can tend to avoid calling for emergency help before matches are over and we would strongly advise people not to do this.

“Chest pain at rest must be taken seriously and people should not delay calling for help. For heart attacks, your one-year risk of dying increases by 7.5% for each 30-minute delay in calling for help, so time really is critical.”

Posted on Saturday 11 June 2016