From clinic to lab: why tissue samples are key to cancer research - information evening, 1 February

Ahead of world cancer day, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) is offering an opportunity to hear from leading research scientists about how tissue samples taken from cancer patients are vital to their work in the lab and to finding future diagnostic tools and treatments. Guests will hear talks from experts in cancer immunotherapy, pathology and surgery as well as CRUK research nurses, and find out more about the work carried out at the CRUK Southampton Centre.

The event will take place on Wednesday, 1 February from 6 to 8.30pm in the CRUK centre, Somers building, Southampton General Hospital. 

The following speakers will be presenting:

  • Professor Tim Underwood – 'A surgeon’s role in research'
  • Dr Sean Lim – 'The crucial role of patient samples in research'
  • Professor Gareth Thomas – 'Diagnosis and treatment: the past and future of pathology'
  • CRUK Nurses – 'Taking research back to the clinic: p patient’s story'

Register for the event or find the link on Twitter @CRUKSouthampton

Posted on Wednesday 25 January 2017