City's neonatal unit features in new premature baby TV ad

Pampers PreemiePatients, parents and staff in the neonatal unit at Southampton’s Princess Anne Hospital are the stars of a new TV ad campaign which promotes the development of a pioneering tiny nappy for premature babies.

The unit has become one of the first in the country to sample Pampers’ new Preemie Protection Size P3, which is three sizes smaller than a regular newborn nappy and is suitable for babies weighing less than 1.8lb (800g).

Pampers has partnered with Bliss, the UK's leading charity for babies born premature or sick, to donate three million of the nappies – which were designed with neonatal nurses and took three years to develop – to neonatal units in hospitals across the country.

Last year, the neonatal unit at the PAH, which has 36 cots, 20 intensive/high dependency cots, 16 special care cots and sees around 750 babies a year, became the first in the UK to receive Bliss accreditation for delivering family-centred care.

As a result of its links with Bliss, the unit was selected to trial the new nappy and participate in the company’s TV advertisements, which were filmed earlier this year.

Regular newborn nappies which are currently used in the majority of neonatal units have a wide core that can push the legs apart and prevent babies’ hips and legs resting comfortably, so they are often cut and folded to size.

The new Preemie Protection nappies are designed to minimise disruption to help with sleep, positioning and the delivery of medical care.

“This is a great development for premature babies as all healthcare professionals and parents want to strive for optimum comfort and fit for the smallest, most vulnerable babies,” said Fiona Lawson, neonatal services matron at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, which runs PAH.

“We were delighted to be part of the launch, particularly the advertising campaign, which gives a real sense of the care and compassion of parents and our staff on the neonatal unit and will be a lovely memory for us all to look back on in years to come.”

Caroline Lee-Davey, CEO of Bliss, said: "We were thrilled to hear about the new range of Pampers nappies for premature babies, which will make a real difference to the lives of babies and those that care for them.

“Caring for such a small and fragile baby can be daunting, but Bliss knows that getting families more actively involved in caring for their premature baby aids development, creates valuable bonding time and helps babies get better faster.

“The nappy change is one way parents can take a lead and nappies that are fit for purpose will make this so much easier."

The ad is available to view on YouTube.

Posted on Friday 12 May 2017