Press release: Therapy team wins national award for improving mobility in older patients

team pic 2018 70th tparty

A team of therapy staff at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust has received a national award for helping to get older patients up, dressed and moving.

The medicine for older people therapy team, nominated by transition ward leader Rita Campelo, was named ‘most inspiring team’ at the #EndPJParalysis awards.

The #EndPJParalysis movement is a global project adopted by nurses, doctors and therapists to get suitable patients out of bed and into their own clothes rather than pyjamas or nightgowns, with a recent 70-day challenge to improve participation rates.

Led by senior physiotherapist Hannah Wood, the medicine for older people therapy team linked the initiative into the wider ‘eat, drink, move’ campaign at UHS. This was launched in July 2017 and encourages patients to eat well, keep hydrated and stay active during their hospital admissions.

Prior to its introduction, therapists identified 52% of patients were up for lunch and 29% were dressed. This subsequently increased to 75.2% of patients up and 54.1% dressed.

The campaign has included educational drop-in sessions, placement of posters, training for healthcare support workers and mobility volunteers, exercise activities and access to donated clothing, as well as a tea party to celebrate the 70th birthday of the NHS.

Therapy staff also asked relatives to bring in clothes and held conversations with colleagues and relatives to help them provide encouragement and the opportunity for patients to get up and dressed.

“I am proud to be part of this passionate and dedicated team and I’d like to thank everyone who has helped us to work towards ending PJ paralysis throughout the wards,” said Hannah.

“The reaction from patients has been very positive, with many explaining that wearing their own clothes makes them feel like them.”

The judging panel, led by Professor Brian Dolan, who created the #EndPJParalysis movement, said: “The team is an incredible inspiration to all. They carry with them the passion and vision to end PJ paralysis.

“They launched their campaign in July 2017 well before the 70-day challenge and initial data showed there was room to improve.

“Since then they have increased the percentage of patients out of bed and dressed and the push for improvement continued throughout the 70 days.”

Posted on Tuesday 28 August 2018