New volunteer initiative launched to clean up the area around University Hospital Southampton


As part of its commitment to being a responsible neighbour, a litter picking group has been set up to take part in regular clean ups around Southampton General Hospital.

The effort comes from a collaboration between the Trust’s retail partners, the cleaning services and meal provider with additional support from the estates, garden and infrastructure team. The group headed into the sunshine on Tuesday, 22 May for their first litter pick along Coxford Road, Laundry Road and Tremona Road.

The initiative was initially introduced by front of house manager, Matt Hine, as a response to comments from local residents regarding the mess left on nearby streets. Although outside the hospital boundary, the volunteer group are dedicated to cleaning up the area.

“Everybody has to take some of the responsibility for the condition of our environment,” said Matt. “The hospital isn’t entirely culpable for the state of the area, but we accept and recognise our responsibility to help clean up the community. It’s about playing our part as a good neighbour.”

Discarded cigarettes were the most commonly littered item, with cans and drinks cartons following behind. The team found a wide variety of items including a cannula, ECG pads, medical gloves and a slipper.

On their route, the volunteers were met by a handful of local residents who thanked them for their time and dedication to the new litter pick scheme. They were happy to see the hospital taking an active role in looking after the local environment.

The initiative now aims to encourage and empower all staff, patrons, visitors and local residents to help show respect for our neighbourhood, urging them to use the bins provided rather than littering on the roadside.

Matt added: “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. If you see discarded rubbish, please make an effort to put it in the bin. If you are a smoker, please use the receptacles around our smoking shelters and within our site boundaries”

The initiative will be repeated every few months, walking the agreed route around Southampton General Hospital – known as the ‘boundary triangle’.

Members of the public including local residents and friends or family of patients are all invited to help clean up the local community. If you’d like to join the initiative, please contact Matt Hine on

Volunteers: Matt Hine, Mark Blatchford, Tony Hadwick, Angie Cox, Anita Taylor, Gerry Paglinawan, Lisa Merewether, Georgia Sexton, Malina Prokopiuk, Mark Densley
Posted on Tuesday 29 May 2018