Royal date for Southampton nurse

Staff member Jodie Hiscutt will be swapping her nurse uniform for something altogether more stylish when she attends the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tomorrow.

Jodie will have a front row seat at the royal wedding after being nominated to go by the charity WellChild.

As a WellChild nurse, Jodie is involved with the care of children with complex needs specialising in ventilation. Jodie, who has been a nurse at University Hospital Southampton for 17 years, said she was stunned when she received the call.

jodie_hiscutt2She said: “I was told the charity had been given some invitations for the royal wedding and that I was one of those who had been put forward to go. They asked whether I was free, so aside from having to sort out childcare, the answer was a huge yes!”

Jodie was told she had to keep the news a secret until she received the official invitation, which arrived at her home in Romsey three weeks ago. “It was really hard not to say anything. It was a mixture of relief and excitement when I saw the invitation. It is such an amazing thing to say you have been to the royal wedding.”

The mum of two said although she has had to adjust to all the extra attention, she thought the idea of inviting people connected with charities supported by the couple was a great opportunity. “It’s recognising what ordinary people do and of course has been great publicity for the charity and the hospital,” she added.

Guests have been told to arrive at Windsor castle on Saturday morning and to bring a picnic. Jodie said: “They have said hats are not necessary, so I’ve gone with a cream and floral dress and small heels. I am just looking forward to seeing guests arrive and of course the two of them. It will be a great day for us all.”

Jodie is one of six nurses chosen to attend the wedding by WellChild, which Prince Harry is a patron of. The national charity supports thousands of children living across the UK with serious or exceptional health needs to give them the best chance of being cared for at home.

Posted on Friday 18 May 2018