Southampton Children's Hospital - staff spotlight

SCH spotlight - Helen Browne

Having initially joined the paediatric medical unit as a staff nurse in 2014, Helen now works as a neuromuscular nurse specialist at Southampton Children’s Hospital.

“It’s hard work -  I now work with children who have rare diseases and long-term conditions that are often life-limiting, ensuring that they are well supported both at home and school, as well as on our wards. We have a small team that works really well together. It’s a great team; I think it’s a really nice atmosphere and I like where I am now.”

Helen and her team offer support and training on rare diseases to both parents and staff.

“Working with children means that no two days are the same. Today, one of my patients had a specific request for some stickers and a doughnut, so I brought them along for my visit!”

“I like building the relationships with families, and I feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I’m helping them during a difficult time. That relationship can be so worthwhile. Experiencing their gratitude when you can offer them an aspect of care they didn’t even know was possible – that’s really rewarding.”

If you want to find out more about rare diseases and long-term conditions, our ward teams will be happy to put you in touch with Helen and her team.

Posted on Friday 11 May 2018