Preparation work ahead of proposed GICU extension beginning Monday, 1 April

Staff are being advised to expect some disruption around the Southampton General Hospital site, as preparation work begins for a proposed £22m extension to the general intensive care unit (GICU).

From Monday, work will start on preparing the area between the main entrance and the north wing, in anticipation of construction work beginning on the extension later in the spring.

Barriers are due to be erected around the site where the new £22m unit will be constructed resulting in disruption to some movement around the front of the hospital.

Pedestrian routes will be clearly signposted as many patients, visitors and staff will find their usual walkways around the front of the hospital are no longer accessible.

The pedestrian route around north wing to the main entrance immediately alongside the building will be closed and instead people will be directed to use the walkway that runs alongside the orange and yellow car parks.

Those coming from Tremona Road and the car parks will be directed to use the main zebra crossing between the Somers building and the main hospital entrance.

Outside the entrance, the plaza area will be closed off which will also mean the drop off bays for vehicles immediately adjacent to it will also be unavailable.

It is not anticipated that the flow of traffic through the site will be affected.

The MRI outpatients’ entrance will be maintained whilst the preparation work is underway, but will be closed once construction begins with patients being directed through main reception.

Following expected planning approval, building work should take two years to complete and will result in an expansion of the GICU and new outpatient facilities.

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Posted on Friday 29 March 2019