How we are improving quality

At our Trust we strive to be better every day with our staff working to three core values of putting Patients First, Working Together and Always Improving

We are committed to providing the best quality services that we can, ensuring that they meet the needs of patients and their carers. We want to provide excellence in clinical care and world-class outcomes and deliver a good experience of care for our patients when using our services.

Like other healthcare organisations we have arrangements in place that ensure that we are meeting all required standards and the aspects you would expect to be in place, while also continuing to make our services better every day by improving the way we do things, involving our staff and patients through our quality improvement work.

In this section you will find a series of documents that will explain: 

  • What we have done in the past year to improve quality, included within the latest UHS Annual Report
  • The priorities for improvement in quality which we are focusing our efforts on in 2018/9 within the Quality Improvement Framework
  • How we will continue to improve patient safety through our patient safety strategy and our patient experience through our experience of care strategy
  • The clinical excellence of our services through our clinical effectiveness and outcomes strategy