Hip revision surgery in Southampton's dedicated centre

We believe we’ve built the means, expertise and mindset to work with any organisation in advancing their product to clinic.

From discovery…

Strong, long-term industry partnerships with our key researchers are supported by our dedicated hospital and university teams.

We support a range of co-investment, programme and hub-and-spoke partnerships with major industrial partners, alongside development ventures with biotech, SME and start-up concerns.

At the heart of this work is our WISH laboratory, providing a state of the art, regulatory standard facility and tailored translational research services. 

Find out more in our discovery research section. delivery

Our commercial research team work with our NIHR Southampton Clinical Research Facility and clinical divisions to deliver trials to time, to target. Find out more in our commercial research section.

Key contacts

Discovery research

  • Brigitte Lavoie, collaboration manager, University Health and Pharma Industry Sector Team
  • Ruth Challis, laboratory operations manager, NIHR Southampton Clinical Research Facility and Wessex Investigational Sciences Hub

Commercial research

  • Prof Saul Faust, director NIHR Southampton Clinical Research Facility - experimental medical research and early phase trials
  • Brandy Coote, UHS commercial research manager - later phase commercial contract trials