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Wednesday 18th December 2019
Monday 9th December 2019
Wednesday 30th October 2019
Tuesday 29th October 2019
Wednesday 23rd October 2019
Monday 15th April 2019

Breastmilk supplements help protect preterm baby's weight loss

Doctors in Southampton have found an eight-week nutrient supplement for breastfeeding mums can help prevent weight loss and boost the growth of premature babies after they leave hospital.
Monday 15 April 2019
Wednesday 30th January 2019

Southampton helps prevent malnutrition in critically ill across Europe

Southampton researcher Philip Calder, as part of a panel of experts, has produced new European guidelines for medical teams on how to prevent malnutrition in intensive care patients.
Wednesday 30 January 2019
Monday 21st January 2019

'Dust mite' tablet developed to treat allergic asthma in children

Doctors in Southampton are trialling a new tablet that could reduce the effects of allergic asthma in children with a house dust mite allergy.
Monday 21 January 2019
Monday 17th December 2018

Researchers develop an app to predict the risk of asthma in children

Researchers in Southampton and the US have created an app that can predict a child's risk of asthma through six simple yes or no questions – and without the need for blood tests.
Monday 17 December 2018
Tuesday 27th November 2018

Southampton doctors in world-first trial of new nose drop to fight meningitis

Doctors in Southampton are leading a world-first trial of a new nose drop containing a type of modified 'friendly' bacteria that could help prevent meningitis and other infections.
Tuesday 27 November 2018
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