Allergies, immunity and infection

Drawing on our core strengths in understanding and harnessing the immune system we are tackling the major, growing problem of allergic respiratory disease. 

Hasan Arshad

Key investigator: Prof Hasan Arshad

A respiratory consultant and researcher, Prof Arshad uses new approaches to predict, prevent and treat asthma and allergic diseases including controlling exposure to allergens (immunotherapy).

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Predicting allergies and asthma

Prof Hasan Arshad

No effective or practical ways currently exist for preventing allergy and asthma. We’re studying the developing immune system in young children to plug knowledge gaps, working towards predicting and prevent development of allergy and asthma. 

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Protecting against lung and airway infections

Prof Robert Read

Infections like meningitis pose a serious threat to all of us, whilst common infections like colds or 'flu can cause life threatening symptoms in those with respiratoryconditions. We’re working to prevent lung and airway infections, improve detection and find new ways to ensure successful antibiotic treatment.

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