About us

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The Centre for Public Collaboration and Participation in health research is part of the NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre.

It is a virtual centre, bringing together the capabilities, knowledge and expertise from diverse teams across University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Southampton and patients and the general public. Together, we will improve the health of the nation.

What we do

The key work of the centre is to improve health by promoting positive behaviour changes, so that patients and the public can better look after themselves.

We are focused on two main areas of research:

  1. reducing obesity and malnutrition
  2. improving control of respiratory diseases (e.g. asthma)

To do this, we involve patients and the public with developing behaviour change programmes in these three areas:


Developing digital programmes

We're investigating how we can use websites and apps as a low-cost way to provide personalised advice and information to large numbers of people who need it. 

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Using in-person or face-to-face programmes

We use these in combination with our digital and educational programmes to make sure people engage with the programmes in a way that benefits them.

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Creating educational programmes

Our research aims to help people understand how to change their health behaviours (e.g. healthy eating, stopping smoking) in a way which they will be able to keep up long-term.

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Who are we?

The core team who run the centre are our patient and public involvement officer, Caroline Barker, health psychologist, Dr Mary Barker, and health researcher, Dr Mary Steele. You can find more information about the members of the centre on our contact us page.Centre-for-Participatory-Medicine_v14